Windjana Gorge National Park

The Park
This relatively small but popular 134 hectare National Park preserves a section of a 350 million-year old Devonian Reef. Regarded by geologists as a classic feature of world geology, the scenic gorge was carved by the Lennard River through the Napier Range with good exposure of the ancient reef system. Only 3 kilometers east of the gorge are the ruins of Lillimilura Station.

The park is 145 kilometers from Derby and from Fitzroy Crossing. All access roads may be impassable for periods during the wet season. Road condition reports are available from the Fitzroy Crossing Tourist Bureau or the Main Road Department.  Please note that it is advisable to visit the park in a 4WD.

Visitor Services and Facilities
There is a camping area providing flushing toilets, showers, BBQs (firewood provided), tables and drinking water. This area is close to the gorge and is open between mid-April and mid-November. Portable generators can be used in the designated area between 7 am and 9 pm. Rangers collect camp fees each evening. A public telephone is operable. Car-park and information panels are provided at Lillimilura Homestead ruins.

Things to do
The ‘Time Walk’ trail takes a look at the marine life forms fossilized within the limestone of the Gorge walls. Freshwater crocodiles can be seen in the pools, especially at Bandigan Rock.
The ‘Gorge Walk’ rail winds through the Gorge for 3.5 kilometers each way. Please carry adequate drinking water.
The ‘Savannah Walk’ trail is a short walk along the south-eastern wall and describes plants and animals found outside the Gorge.
‘Lillimilura Homestead’ – visit the ruins of the homestead constructed from the local lime stone in 1884 for the King Sound Pastoral Company. In 1893 it became a police outpost to protect the white settlers from attack by Aboriginal people.

Please stay on the designated tracks and roads: leave all plants and animals undisturbed. This is an area of total protection. Wildfires pose a serious threat so please light fires only in the fireplaces provided and keep them small to conserve firewood; fishing and netting is not permitted in the Gorge; soap, shampoo and detergents pollute waterways. Keep the park clean; take your rubbish with you; Windjana is a special area for wildlife. The northern and western side of the river in the Gorge is a wildlife sanctuary where access is prohibited.