Tunnel Creek National Park

The Park
This very small (90 hectare) high visitation National Park was set aside to preserve a 750 meter long tunnel carved out of limestone by flowing water. The creek once flowed across the top of the Napier range, the original course is still marked on the top of the range.

Water seepage gradually enlarged fractures in the limestone until the creek reached today’s underground course. The Tunnel is up to 12 meters high and 15 meters wide and contains permanent pools of fresh water in which fresh water crocodiles are found.

Late last century, it was a hideout for the Aboriginal Jandamurra in his fight against the white settlers. In earlier times the tunnel was known as the Cave of Bats, as at least 5 species of bat are known to use the tunnel.

The park is 180 kilometers from Derby and 115 kilometers from Fitzroy Crossing. All access roads may be impassable for periods during the wet season. Road condition reports are available from the Fitzroy Crossing Tourist Bureau or the Main Road Department.

Things to do
Walk the 750 meters in a limestone tunnel through the Napier Range. It requires wading through cold water. Shoes and a torch are ESSENTIAL.

A vehicle parking area is situated close to the tunnel. A bore hole toilet and an information panel are also available. No camping is permitted as camping facilities are supplied at Windjana Gorge 35 kilometers away.

Please stay on the designated tracks and roads, leave rocks, plants and artifacts as you find them. Please refrain from touching Aboriginal paintings as it causes them to deteriorate. Pets and firearms are not allowed as well as soap, shampoo and detergents as they pollute the waterways. Please refrain from washing in Tunnel Creek. Please keep the park clean and take your rubbish with you.

Wildfires pose a threat so please DO NOT light fires in this area.